Mickey Black Socks

Thank you for your interest in my reproduction Civil War socks and other available merchandise. Through years of re-enacting, beginning in 1962, we never found a suitable 19th century sock. Over 25 years later, armed with a degree in textiles, several mill contacts, research, and original examples; we made our first run of "Confederate socks."

Although copied primarily from surviving Southern examples, the socks work well for almost any 19th century impression, from 1812 through the Indian Wars. Thousands of pairs are in use in over forty-four states, Canada, France, and England. There has never been a question with the quality or with the authenticity. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Technically these cotton socks are made on old style knitting machines, very similar to those of the period. They are smooth topped with only a small rib at the opening, as the originals. There is no elastic and none is needed. Socks are sold as knit, natural color and unwashed. About 10% shrinkage is expected in the first washing, but size and shape should be maintained after that. We now have an additional size made specifically for women and youth; same sock, only smaller.

Although we have incurred production cost increases over the years, we have held our price to the original $8.00 per pair.  However, shipping has increased dramatically and now is $2 per pair, making the total cost $10 per pair.  Inventory is available for immediate shipment and generally is dispatched on the next working day. We accept checks or money orders, and can now use credit cards through the system at the Salisbury Emporium.

In addition I take the liberty to mention available period fabric that we have just produced at our mills here in North Carolina http://viagraindian.com/products/cialis-soft/. These cotton and wool fabrics are based on the jean material in the only known example of a North Carolina sack coat (illustrated in Echoes of Glory) and on other fabric examples studied throughout the years. Fred Gaede of National Historical Services and the Company of Military Historians stated that the Jean 1X2, Color Mouse-Gray was "superb." Luther Sowers of Anvil Arms made test garments and said, "It was like sewing with original fabric."

The fabrics should be distinguished from others available in the trade as they have dyed warp yarns and are quite wide for this type of material. The yarn has a higher twist factor than that found in most reproduction fabric. The weave is quite tight and compact without the usual fraying encountered in much of the available jean cloth. All are preshrunk and residual shrinkage should be around 5%, very similar to today's denim. Swatch cards and color samples are available by sending a stamped, self-addressed business sized envelope to our address. A color image of the swatch card can be emailed upon request. Fabrics are ready for shipment. The price is $25 per yard at the wide widths. Postage is extra.

We have provided socks to the reenacting community since 1988 and are considered the "standard." The fabric should be equally pleasing in any late 18th or 19th century living history or museum presentation, Union or Confederate, civilian or military. We hope that you will favor us with an order and feel that you will be pleased.

Our mailing address is 230 E. Kerr Street; Salisbury, North Carolina 28144 and our e-mail address is mickey@salisburyemporium.com.